Friday, April 15, 2011

flower series

Available at Silvana Gallery.

My first try for flower painting.

Some friends ask me if I want to change my subject because recently I painted landscape, still life, bird, and a lot of other things, I think I never changed my subject, I enjoy capturing all the beauty around us, it is just like I have all the good food on my list, after eating some meals, I may want to try some vegetables.

Enjoy the painting :)


Pragya Tiwari said...

Beautiful ! Love the blue grey in the background and the way you've painted the greens.

Vinayak said...

Wow! What a lovely painting! You are too good with all subjects.
Best wishes

SKetcham said...

I love your reference to eating food and trying something different. I recently started painting from my own photographs pulled up on a computer screen and I am finding it so exciting. I was only painting in the studio from still life set ups, which I still love to do.(There is something so sensual about painting lemons and actually smelling lemons while you are painting, just love that added dimension) But isn't is wonderful to try something different! I enjoy your paintings very much.

Michael King said...

Very fresh.

Dean H. said...

Excellent! Love how you use the darks to "launch" the colorful flowers!

Barbara Pask said...

Just beautiful!