Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two figures study

Recently I did some two figures studies, here is one of them. I don't feel it's harder than one figure, but I need to think faster and paint faster because the time for the painting is as same as one figure.


Daily Paintings said...

Enjoyed this and many others on your blog…what palette combination are you using for your flesh tones? Hard to tell with my monitor…also do have anywhere on your blog where it shares your process in painting the figure?

Fongwei Liu said...


I just replied you by email, and I have my answer here again:

Some artist may have a combination for flesh tones, but I don't. I
think any object in different environment will appear as different
color, even painter's mood will effect to painter's feeling... so I
just paint the color's relationship (worm and cool).

Generally, I have two red, two blue, two yellow on my palette, one
darker one lighter, one warmer one cooler. For example, Cadmium red vs
Alizarin Crimson.

I don't have the process on my blog, but I may think about that, thank
you for asking!