Monday, November 23, 2009

Final 5 - the sleeping beauty

Available at New Masters Gallery.

I tried to push my self more about color on this painting, and I find that the higher key painting will be easier to apply the color on it, the lower key painting will be harder, like my last painting. And also when I focus more on drawing (likeness and value) I will lose the color, it's just like the impressionism painting and realism painting, but I think this is also the nature. So I believe that for an artist, as soon as he find the "balance point" of the drawing and the color, he will established his own style, and the "balance point" will be depend on the artist's "art taste".
Huihan pushed me more on the paint application, you can see a little bit from this painting. I will try more on my next painting. I feel I can get more rooms to do the "fine art" with varied paint applications.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An old story 2 - SOLD

by New Masters Gallery.

I painted this girl again a few weeks ago, it took me long time to finish it because the moving. I really like this subject, will paint it more after my final subject.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Head drawing

I have not done any drawing for years, I think I need to get used to my drawing tools.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Final 4

Available at New Master Gallery.

Hi, I am back. This was a very busy summer for me. I just moved to my new house, it took me a month to do the remodeling, and the good news is I got a bigger studio, I can imagining that I will produce a lot of great paintings in my new studio :-)

This will be my final semester for my MFA degree, I have followed my teacher Zhaoming Wu for two and half years, and I decided to do a one on one study with another master painter Huihan Liu as my last class, hope I can learn more from him.

I have another good news, New Masters Gallery started to carry my paintings. They put my painting in the window, and sold the first painting in two weeks. So after I finished my final project (nude figure – for sharping my skills) you will see more gallery paintings from my blog.