Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Museum scene 1

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My last post was an accident, I clicked "enter" instead of "backspace" :(
Please discard it if you received by email, sorry.


jen said...

Your work is amazing. I'm taking painting classes now and at the beginning of the course, the instructor asked what I hoped to achieve. I pulled up your blog and said, "I want to paint like him." To which he replied, "Well, you have to walk before you can run."

He was so right! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Cook said...

I was just going to say your work is completely amazing but I see that's already taken. :) But seriously, your work is stunning. I just can't think of an adjective that's adequate to describe it, but I love it. Gorgeous and masterly.

Fongwei Liu said...

Wow... I have to reply the comments like these :) Jen and Crystal, you words are really the encouragement for me !!

Jen, yes, I hope I am a runner in the fine art world, and I hope I can run better...

By the way, I believe that I am a good coach too :)

Happy Painting!