Monday, November 14, 2011

Charcoal Sketch - SOLD

Sold by Waterhouse Gallery.

This is the big version of one of my small studies I did before, available at Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara for Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition 2011, the opening will be 19th this month, wish to see you there. 

I was not able to send the recent postings out via the Google group and I don't know why, please let me know if you can help. 

I have sent a email "test" to my group to test, and then I realized that it may sent out, sorry for that if you have got that email.


Susan Roux said...

It's really lovely. Best of luck with the exhibit.

Dawn said...

You are so amazingly good artist
....wished you were having classes in Chicago!
Good luck with the show....
again...."absolutely beautiful!"

Crystal Cook said...

Your work is just stunningly beautiful Fongwei. I love this piece so much. Wish I could come to the show. It would be amazing to see it in real life.

Stephanie Berry said...

So lovely! I love the mix of colors in this portrait. Gorgeous.

laura mimbs clark said...

stumbled upon your blog by another artist, I am truly in awe of you work and amazing gift (and rather envious;)!

Rajeev Mohan said...

That red piller. Wow!

Fongwei Liu said...

Susan, thank you for your wish!

Dawn, thank you, I wish I am lucky enough to having classes in Chicago :)

Thank you so much Crystal and Stephanie!!

Laura, thank you for the comment! Welcome to my blog.

Rajeev, were you there last night?:) Cool!