Monday, February 20, 2012

Drawing demo in my studio

My first weekend workshop in my studio was very successful!:)

Here is one of the step by step demos I did during the workshop, I feel that I need more time to warm up, but not too bad. I did not draw any cast after 1994, but I benefited a lot in my art work from my early drawing training when I was young.

I created this drawing workshop before we start painting from model, because I feel the artists attending my studio are learning the art very seriously. Drawing the cast is one of the best training to improve the modeling skill and learn the technique concepts. I highly recommend the artists who want to improve the painting technique to get some of this training, it will benefit a lot when you paint. Use pencil to draw, not charcoal, sometimes charcoal drawing hides your weakness.

I may still have one or two cast drawing classes for following monthly weekend workshops, I will be drawing with other artists, contact me if you are interested, I will post the workshop date later.


Muñoz Bautista said...

Hello Fongway,
I'm delighed to visit your fantastic blog!
I think you are an autentic artist!!!
Congratulations from Spain,
Maribel M.B

Fongwei Liu said...

Hi Munoz,

Thank you very much!Best wishes for you from California!