Thursday, August 30, 2012

Early Morning

This is the demo painting I did from a reference photo in my Sacramento Workshop last weekend. Thanks to Patris, the Oak Park artist and gallery owner who arranged this wonderful workshop for us, although I thought Sacramento might not be the best place to paint the landscape, but I was so glad to meet many new artist friends there.

Here is some information about the workshop on Patris's blog, I think she is arranging another great workshop, you can contact her if you are interested.

Also the California Painter Bruce B. Hancock shared his experience last weekend on his blog, please check it out, he did a few beautiful works during the workshop.

1 comment:

Sergio DS said...

Me fascina la riqueza de tu trabajo con la sencillez de trazos que aplicas, me encantaría saber resolver de forma tan "sencilla" mis cuadros.