Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rest for a moment - Sold

I am going to Redding for a two day workshop this weekend (Friday and Saturday), looking forward to see you there.


Unknown said...

Misterioso cuadro, me recuerda a la mujeres pintadas por Julio Romero de Torne.
Me gusta

Anonymous said...

Hi Fongwei,
I tried to post in Chinese but not successful. I am glad you go to Wenxuecity more often. I still remember "HanZhi" called you "real dragon". Yes almost every painting you did was amazing to me. I love your roses and that "bird" standing in pond too.


Fongwei Liu said...

Hi Yumin,

Thank you for the comment!

我有时会去看看有什么影视剧, 顺便会去别的坛口看看 :)