Thursday, March 28, 2013


Here is an in-class demo I did last week, very good model and this is the first time I've painted him.

My daughter joined a class one/select soccer team this season, the highest level soccer team in her age group. They had their first tournament of the season last weekend, and my daughter scored the only goal in the overtime of the championship game, helping her team win the championship. I am so proud of her!!


maalari ja piirtäjä said...

Hello from Finnland

Fine work

Judy P. said...

Fine painting, and congrats on your daughter's winning goal- how dramatic!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed looking through your blog and particularly enjoyed the painting from Jan 24. I hope you keep posting regularly...and congratulations on your daughters winning goal..I have never been above bragging about my own daughters when they do something great. Kids can be such a blessing one can't help but share.

Fongwei Liu said...

Thanks for the comments!

Kevin, so good to have kids :)