Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer in Tahoe

The water is so pure and clean, we swam in the lake :))


Anonymous said...

Love this piece Fongwei! Great composition, interesting pose... The water is nice and sketchy. Great stuff.

Ola Sarri

Unknown said...

I love how the purity of the water comes through here. The reflection of the sky off the waves and the detail implied in the water at her eye level. And of course the figure is spot on. Thanks, this one is going to my "strong composition and color" file in my head.

Christine said...

breath-taking...this is wonderful...I am going to post it in my "paintings to study file" Such beautiful work!

Fongwei Liu said...

Tank you for comments!

Kevin, you are right, composition and color is what I want to express in this painting.

Christine, thank you for sharing.

John Stewart said...

I love everything about this painting. Beautiful job!