Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger - SOLD

This is a painting I posted before, and later I used it as an example for my graduate study class (a theory and writing class) a year ago, I post it here again to share a little bit of my thought with you.

Tomorrow is valentine's day and it is also the first day of the year of tiger in China, I wish everyone a good year ahead!
虎虎生風, 虎年行大運!

Below was my writing for the GS class:

"I want to use this painting to “mapping” some of my current concepts about painting.
Idea: My idea for the painting.
Sharp, value, color: The elements I always need to keep in mind when I paint.
Finished and Unfinished: finish the important part and the contrast with unfinished part will bring the viewer’s eyes to the focus of point, also make the unfinished part looks like finished. With out finished part, the unfinished part will looks like nothing.
Detail and No detail: less detail in the shadow part will make other part looks more detail.
Edge control and Brush works: Use the edge control to make the painting looks 3D; Use brush works to make the fur looks like real.
Chinese painting techniques: The techniques I want to add in to my oil painting (hybrid).


Dean H. said...

Excellent painting, Fongwei! Very useful and important lessons!

silentwitness said...

Love your Tiger painting, and also appreciate that you shared your helpful lessons. Happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger!

Fongwei Liu said...

Thanks Dean!
Silentwitness, I guess I know who you are :) Thank you very much to be a "witness" for me. Happy New Year for you!

Stephen McDonough said...

I love this painting

Liliya said...

Thank you for sharing your method of working. It helps to understand why your pictures are so impressive.