Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Still life

I got a chance to paint this still life tonight with an artist friend. I have not paint any still life for many many years, except the one did for my homework when I was working on my MFA. But the still life is not some thing new for me, the time back to high school when I was in China, I painted still life 3 hours every night.
It was fun to paint this small painting, this subject is good for practice the skill and it is easy to set up. You will see more small still life from my blog, hopefully each one has a new idea.
Please email me if you are interested this painting.


Ran said...

The vase and the reflection on the vase are absolutely beautiful. I can see how you use the dark, middle and light values (as you taught me) on this painting.


As soon as this poped up on my email I said to myself after a glance ... that's Qiang Huang ...I blinked and said "no it is a Fongwei Liu pot". You have the solftest way with a brush, I love your work.

Fongwei Liu said...

Hi Ran and Suzy, thanks for the comment, and welcome to my blog.

Unknown said...

Me encanta a natureza estatica,